A Detailed Guide Filled With The Best Dating Advice


Do you need some help in repairing your current romantic situation? Are you looking for some quality dating tips? You can find all of the local dating advice you need and links in this dating advice guide. The guide covers a lot of great advice for you. Take, for example, the couple who has it all. They are best friends and love spending time together. The only time they seem very frustrated with each other is when they are looking for alternative dating advice to bring something new into their relationship. That is where this guide comes in. It will help couples find new and interesting things to do to keep their relationships alive and exciting. It can walk you through a lot of variables regarding issues that seem to plague many couples. Sometimes people try way too hard and their frustration grows. Keep it simple and check out what localmatches.com has to offer. There are so many links that will guide couples to the advice they are searching for.

The 4 Areas Of Advice Covered In This Guide


The 4 areas of advice, that are covered in this guide, will help those who read it increase their knowledge about what they should do fix any or all issues in their current relationships or dating scene. Read up on the best dating advice, relationship advice, sex advice, and hookup advice. There is something for everyone and you will likely find solutions that you may never have even though about. The best advice is given by experts who have experienced similar issues themselves. Whether you want to fix your current relationship or begin a new one, read this guide and check out the contents that will help you.

Sex Advice

Another one of the 4 areas that are covered in this guide is the sex advice section. Here you can learn all about sexual positions and many other things as well. You can learn all about sharing your inner sexual fantasies with the person you are having sex with. No one is a sex expert and you can never stop learning. You can share, and learn from what you read. We have gathered quite a few questions and have answered them based on what is shared on our site. You will get advice from some of the most basic tips to those that are much more complicated. The sex advice section is a very interesting read.

Relationship Advice

The second piece of the guide will help you focus on what you currently have with your partner, or what you are hoping for in the future. Local relationship advice is part of this guide covers everything from marriage proposals to toxic relationships and how to get out of them. There are so many areas to cover when discussing relationships. I'm sure that if you have any questions, you can find the answers right here. Find out what others think when they are in awkward situations in their relationships. Read about everything that goes right and everything that could go wrong. There are so many negative and positive things that are covered. Focus on the good things and your relationship can be a very healthy and happy one. If it is a toxic relationship, break it off as soon as possible. Doing that is good for both of you and can help you move on with no baggage or regrets. Positivity is great and when your relationship is going well but you are looking for more, there are some great reads below!

Hookup Advice

Local Hookup Advice is very interesting when you are looking to find out successful ways to connect with someone. That portion of the guide shares all kinds of advice. You can find out how to turn your f*ckboy into your boyfriend. You can also learn how to let people down without ghosting them as if they fell off the face of the earth. Do you know what "sliding into someone's DM" means? Read on and find out. There are very helpful tips in the hookup advice section and it is there to assist you to make the best decisions when you get together with someone.

Dating Advice

The final part of this guide is one that is quite important. Everyone is open to dating advice if they are serious or curious about healthy dating. We covered quite a few areas to help those who need a little push with their dating habits and rituals. Learn all about Roaching, Houseplanting and much more. You will also read all about how to enjoy dating. Let's face it if you are not on the same page as your partner you both may want to re-evaluate your relationship. Go through the relationship advice section first. There is so much information shared in the local dating advice section. Take it one step at a time and you are sure to learn whatever you need to for a healthy and safe dating life!

What This Guide Can Do For You


This guide is a combination of the most important things that people want to know when it comes to their relationships. Whether you are single or in a short or long-term relationship, there is something here for everyone. Check it out and enjoy all of the information that has been gathered to help people out!

Local Sex Advice


Local sex advice is a great way to answer many of your questions when it comes to sex positions and a few other things that may be lingering in the back of your mind. You will read about peoples fantasies and the answers to their questions. Everyone has questions that require local sex advice. Read all about various sex positions and find the one that will work for you and your partner. Read up on cuffing and how there are certain times of the year people want to hook up. Read all about it and click on the links to learn more!

What Is Tiger Style

In this version of 'tiger style', the receiver essentially presents themselves sexily/lewdly to their partner, their knees on it but the rest of their legs sticking out. The giver is, therefore, standing up, and ideally, this height difference works out perfectly where the penis can easily be placed and then repeatedly thrust into the vagina or rectum... Read more.

What Is The Eiffel Tower Sex Position

It's never exactly clear how many sex positions got their names, and it certainly wasn't until the internet connects us all that we could agree to use just one term for one act. Most likely there were names of a certain act or position in one place, and in another town, the same position might have been called something completely different... Read more.

What Is Karezza Style?

We'll get the silly pun out of the way now: Sex without the big o at the end? That's 'karezza'! And yes, at the first, second and third glances, you might still agree that even discussing this topic is kind of ridiculous, but we can assure you that the more you read about 'coitus reservatus', the more you will consider giving it a try... Read more.

What Is Cuffing Season?

'Cuffing season' is the name for the phenomenon of increased relationship activity during the fall and winter months. People stop playing the field and swiping left and right as much, and 'settle down' for at least five or six months with one dependable person... Read more.

What Happens When You Use An Expired Condom?

Condoms are wonderful pieces of polyisoprene that prevent the transmission of sexual diseases, and dramatically lower the chances of pregnancy. They are meant to fit tightly (ideally snugly) over an erect penis and prevent ejaculate and other sexual fluids from mingling as intercourse occurs... Read more.

Should I Wake My Partner Up With Oral Sex?

While the short answer might be another question - 'who cares why? Just get to it!' - there are actually a lot of benefits to having sex as soon as you get up. Outside of the big 'o' and just enjoying rolling around in bed with the skin-against-skin sensation, it's a great stress reliever and releases endorphins, which helps you start the day on the right foot.... Read more.

How To Share Your Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

What you want to experience in your sex life can differ widely from person to person, and sometimes it's these two people who happen to be in a relationship. Even though we are living at a point where it's not unreasonable to have sex within the first few initial dates... Read more.

How To Lose Weight By Having Sex

It sounds like a dream situation: Lose weight the fun and easy way, because somewhere in the middle of the exercise, you have an orgasm! Yes, ever since 'going on a diet' became something that we will all start to think about it going on (and hating almost every minute of it), we looked for short-cuts to get the body we wanted... Read more.

How Much Sex Is Too Much Sex?

Well, there's obviously not a number you can really use here. Even if you take into consideration the fact that everyone's body and mind (you use both when it comes to sex, and the latter more than you'd guess) is different, even any sort of measurement is kind of a joke... Read more.

Are Multiple Orgasms Possible?

Are Multiple Orgasms Possible? Great news! Yes, they are! Orgasms just might be one of the great things about being human (certainly up there with opposable thumbs), in part because it's something that everyone can do, either for themselves or for other people.... Read more.

Local Relationship Advice


This next section guides you through some interesting and great relationship Advice. You all know that you have questions about things like why you keep falling into toxic relationships and checking out your ex's social media. Everyone wants to keep on top of the latest trends and when it comes to dating advice and this is where you can find it all! Start reading and enjoy all of the advice categories that have been written for people just like you! There is nothing better than reading advice written by people who share their personal dating experiences.

Why Is My Partner Constantly Picking A Fight With Me?

Are you wondering why your partner is always picking fights with you? Is it a one-sided thing or are you contributing to it too? If you are a female, it is possible that you can get emotional over anything... Read more.

Why Do Keep Falling Into Toxic Relationships?

So many people get into all kinds of relationships because they want to feel needed. Many do so to belong and boast to friends about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes, it is for selfish reasons and other times it is not to feel lonely... Read more.

Why Am I Such A Picky Date?

There are some people who are so picky when it comes to dating and many times these same individuals don't know why they seem to pick, choose and refuse as it is related to dating and finding someone to love. There is nothing wrong when you know your value and your worth... Read more.

What To Do If He Doesn't Propose?

If you are with someone in a relationship and it is going more than two years, it could be time to ask for a marriage proposition, especially if you think that this is the man of your dreams. If your partner is already telling you that he is in love with you and wants to live with you for the rest of his life... Read more.

What Should I Avoid Doing In A New Relationship?

When you start a relationship, it is supposed to be fun, lighthearted, relaxed and just easy. Rather than analyzing or checking out each other's personality and every move or adding stress to the relationship and having a discussion about what the future will hold, you should be enjoying the initial phase without that added pressure.... Read more.

Is It Okay To Masturbate When I'm In A Happy Relationship?

If you are masturbating and you are thinking that it is not normal, it is time to stop thinking like that. Masturbation can be quite healthy as long as you don't get addicted to it. Chances are you might be in a relationship and still be masturbating... Read more.

Is It Normal To Be Checking Out Ex's Social Media Profiles?

Social media has ended a lot of relationships and it also has been a conduit for those who still want to stalk their ex's or find out what they are doing. When you break up with someone, it is best to move on, but not everyone does this quite so easily... Read more.

Is It Normal For Sex To Die Off In A Long Term Relationship?

Like any other new relationship, the beginning is the same where people are drive-by desire, sex, and lust. And, over time, the priorities begin to switch. In some cases, things die down and the partners might end up spending the night cuddling together instead of sex...

How Do I Come Out On Top After A Breakup?

Have you ever had a breakup where it was difficult for you to recover and confusing; to say the least? Chances are that you are not alone. There are so many other people that have had a similar experience. After a break-up, it is not as easy as you think to move on and start a new life... Read more.

Are You Too Nice In Your Relationship?

If you are always making a sacrifice against your own personal needs while you are in a relationship and giving more to the other person, then there is going to be a conflict. Yes, you can be too nice to someone who is not nice to you... Read more.

Local Hookup Advice


Read the third entry which is local hookup advice. This will give you ideas and various ways to hook up with someone that wants the same thing that you do. Everyone wants to know the secret of a great hookup and many want to know how to succeed on hookup apps. Everyone fulfills their sex lives in different ways. Whether they want to hookup for a one night stand or they want to meet someone special. Hookup advice comes in many forms and we know that this third installment will answer many of your questions. There are also a few things that you may not have even thought of but can be quite helpful. Either way, enjoy the next chapter!

What's The Secret Of A Great Hookup?

With all of the avenues available, it should be easy right? Read on and see what site or app suits you! What many people are looking for is a one night stand while others want to hook up and meet someone they can build a relationship with... Read more.

Is Hookup Culture Putting An End To Anniversaries?

It is becoming quite apparent that casual and sex hookups are becoming more popular. There are those who are wondering whether or not marriage is on its way out.If you are the type who likes casual or sex hookups... Read more.

How To Turn A Fuckboy Into A Boyfriend

A lot of people don't have time to put into a serious relationship but they still want to have casual sex. Some may sleep around and others have one particular f*ckboy. It is definitely possible that your f*ckboy can be turned into your boyfriend... Read more.

How To Succeed On Hookup Apps

Social media is the source that almost everyone turns to today to date or for casual and sex hookups. When you are looking for that special casual or sex hookup and you want to make sure you sound honest and legit, read the advice on this site...Read more.

How To Slide Into The DMS without Being A Creeper

This is the day and age of apps like Instagram. Snapchat, Tinder, Bumble, etc. It doesn't matter if you are male and female, there are ways to slide into the DMS without looking like a complete idiot... Read more.

How To Hook Up When You Live With A Roommate

Some people have a hard time dating or hooking up when they live with someone else. Having a roommate can put a kink in your sex life especially when you want to bring someone that you hookup with back to your home. Check out alternatives... Read more.

How To Hook Up Like A Gentleman

It is not difficult to act like a gentleman. Guys, if you are looking for an amazing hook up with a great lady, be a gentleman. Even if it's a one-time thing, treat her like a lady, do nice things! Something you could do is take her out for dinner first or suggest a nice bottle of wine when you first meet... Read more.

How To Hook Up In Public And Not Get Caught

People are always talking about have sex anywhere they want. Hooking up in public can be an absolutely exciting and adventurous thing to do. The trick is not to get caught. How would you do that and get away with it? The answer isn't always so simple when you have to consider a number of things before you do it... Read more.

How To Ask A Hookup If They Have An STI

When it comes to your health, don't be shy. Have you ever been attracted to someone and wanted to hookup but wanted to know if they had an STI? The only way to find out is to be upfront and ask them! You can go about this in a few ways... Read more.

How Do I Hook Up Without Hurting Or Getting Hurt?

There are several things to look out for when you are looking to hookup with someone. People do not like being hurt. Whether it's a relationship or hooking up with someone. There are ways to avoid hurting someone or getting hurt yourself... Read more.

Local Dating Advice


We have given you hookup advice, relationship advice and sex advice. The final installment is dating advice. This is the last section in our education piece and it describes several types of dating. There are many titles that you may not be familiar with but you will be after this. Learn all about dating terms and see where you fit in. It will also keep you on top of what people are talking about. Enjoy this last chapter! We hope it has given you everything you need to know to make the best out of your relationship or any relationship you have in the future!

What Is "Roaching"?

Thanks to the internet these days, it's easier than ever to meet people, but it's not just meeting one person, as it can be as many people as you want. The act of "roaching" is seeing more than one person at a time, and not necessarily telling everyone that you are doing this... Read more.

What Is Peacocking?

Peacocking is the act of presenting oneself in a very flattering light, either online or in person, and this can be done by dressing in a very flashy and eye-catching way, or just acting in a way that gets a lot of people's attention (ideally the people this person is attracted to). This definition... Read more.

What Is Paperclipping?

For some older readers, paperclipping might not seem like a big deal. In fact, for them, it might just seem like the passage of time. For the internet savvy generation, however, it's a great affront that unfairly plays with your emotions. What certainly doesn't help is just how much of a specific situation this term applies to... Read more.

What Is MicroCheating?

'Micro'-anything is all the rage these days, including 'micro-aggressions', which are apparently certain behaviors or actions that, while not being able to upset everyone, might upset some people. And because how different everyone is, and how certain things might be sensitive to one person and not another... Read more.

What Is Houseplanting?

"Houseplanting" is ignoring the person you're dating to the point where the relationship ends. In many ways, it's a lot like ghosting, except that ghosting comes from a much more negative perspective, where you are trying to hurt the other person by completely ignoring them. With "houseplanting"... Read more.

What Is Dogfishing?

Simply put, it is just pretending that you have a dog! See, everyone loves dogs, and the thought is that maybe if you have some pictures on your online dating profile of you holding, hugging or walking a dog, then maybe that would increase the chances of other eligible bachelors or bachelorettes being interested in you. The problem occurs, however, if... Read more.

What Am I Doing The Wrong On My Online Dating Profile?

A lot of people are using online dating sites and apps, and that's great! It means you have a huge selection of people to choose from, based not only on photos but quick bios, write-ups, and fun little quizzes, all of which are meant to find people that you... Read more.

How To Tell If Your Date Is Bored

Whenever you're on a date, sometimes it's so easy to get lost in your date's eyes, or even wrapped up in the story or anecdote you're telling, and you completely miss the fact that they aren't really enjoying themselves. And if you do catch yourself... Read more.

How Can I Date Out Of My League?

When someone says, 'I'd love to date [her or him], but she's out of my league', it implies that people are on various levels of adaptability, and that it's pretty much impossible to get any higher, that you would have to somehow be a totally different person to be able to reach another... Read more.

Am I Dating The Wrong Person?

While relationships are never going to be perfect, and arguments are inevitable, every so often you need to try and stand back and be as objective as possible and ask yourself if the person you are dating is the right one for you. Do you feel like you can't relax and be yourself around them because you think... Read more.

Implement These Tips In Your Relationships


Are you going to use some of the tips you have learned? Where any of your questions answered? There are probably a number of topics that you hadn't thought about. Give these tips a try and see how they work for you. The guide is here to help you no matter what kind of relationship situation you are in. It will help those who just want to hookup or people who are already in a relationship. With social media expanding its apps, there are so many options for you to connect with people. There are many people around the world who deal with the same issues or non-issues that you are experiencing. Check out everything that this guide has to offer and you will find that you will have answers to many of your questions around dating.

Healthy Social Media Choices

When you use social media as a means to connect with someone, make sure that you are careful with what you are sharing. Social media is the most popular means of communicating today and it allows you to connect with people from all over the world. You may even be talking to someone who is local but initially, you most likely won't know that. The best part of using social media is that you are in control of your own pages. You can adjust your settings to suit your needs. One of the healthiest and smartest things you can do is to make less of your personal business public. You can share more in-depth information once you connect with someone and a little trust is built up. This is great for those of you who are looking for someone to date. If you already have a partner or frequent places where you have the potential of meeting someone, you may not even use social media a lot. There is a lot of dating advice available and this page has quite a few links that will give you tons of information.

Dating Advice For All Sexual Orientations

This guide applies to all people including those in the LGBTQ community. Whether it relates to dating advice, relationship advice, hookup advice and/or sex advice, everything you need is right here. This guide has it all! All sexualities go through exactly the same kind of relationship issues and the advice applies to everyone. Everyone uses social media and many people go out to clubs and bars. Dating advice is priceless if you are looking for answers to many questions that are burning in your head. Whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bi or trans, there is some valuable reading that applies to all of you!

Relationships And How To Stay Happy

You will find, in this guide, advice on your current relationship and what you can do to keep it happy and healthy. Maybe it is best for you to share this information with your partner. The two of you can go through some of the advice together and see if it's helpful to your situation. Some people do not search for information unless they feel that their relationship is lacking something. Others seek out information that will help advance their relationship and give them a helpful boost. If a couple feels like they are having some issues, and they are looking for help to resolve it, they can find a lot of information in this guide. This site can like you to a large number of tips and dating advice. Check out, http://www.localmatches.com/local-dating-advice/ and go from there. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. People don't check these things out unless they feel that their relationship is lacking something. See if there is some advice in this guide by clicking on the link and checking things out for yourself!

Fix What You Have

It is very true when people say, "the grass is never greener...". If you want quality relationship advice, this is a great place to start. You will find that this guide comes at you from all angles and answers pretty much every and any question you may have. If you want to know what to do in certain situations, there is a link for you. Dating Advice is something that helps everyone and it should be a comfort to many people to know that a guide like this exists. Every now and then relationships can hit a brick wall. To get through the issues, sit down with your partner and find commonalities of what your issues are. You can either research on your own or do it together. If you and your partner are best friends and really love each other, you should work on fixing what you already have. This guide is here to help everyone!

Our Local Dating Advice Guide

You can find all of the local dating advice you need and links in this <em>dating advice guide</em>. The guide covers a lot of great advice just for you!

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