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Taking online dating testsare nothing short of being the best thing that ever happened to so many people, especially those who lived an alternative lifestyle that others do not understand. And that is why LocalMatches.com has gone to lengths to put together a comprehensive list of the best sites that have top the dating tests that reveal so much about the test taker. We have done it again!

Historical Dating Apparatus Leading Up To Online Testing


Before you take any of the available dating tests, it is important to first know the history of dating and how people used various tools and resources to connect. People have been trying to find romance in so many places such as bars, clubs and other alternative establishments. However, since the late 1600s, the invention of the newspaper became a saving grace for many people who are looking for the convenience of hitting up someone using personal ads. During that time, gays and lesbians would take out personal ads in newspapers to hide their identity. If it didn't work out, the two individuals would just go their separate ways without any attachments. That is pretty much the short version of the history of dating and hooking up for sex or companionship.

On 1695 when personal ads came on the scene, bachelors in the UK used it to find the women who could be eligible as wives. The first personal ad was placed by a guy in his thirties that happened to have enough of his fortune to spend on meeting this goal. Subsequently in the 1700s, personal ads became one of the distinctive and only modes of secretly and discreetly seeking a gay or lesbian to date or hook up with. The main reason is that homosexuality at that time was considered illegal and persons caught doing so were usually put to death by Henry VIII in the United Kingdom. This practice was considered unlawful until 1967. Molly Houses were used as a gathering place for gay men to hang out. In the United States, this was called sodomy or buggery and was also illegal where people caught would receive the death sentence. For this reason, they had to use feminine names, code words and alternative signals in their personal ads so they wouldn't be detected.

In 1727, a woman known as Helen Morrison approached the editor of Lonely Hearts; asking to place a personal ad in the weekly journal to seek a companion. The mayor answered the ad and subsequently, the woman was sent to an asylum for a month as being insane. In the mid 1800s, there was still a stigma attached to taking out a personal ad for a wife or companion. It was considered to be a failure by many. However after prominent magazines hit the newspaper stand with personal ads for match making, it became mainstream as the public began to accept it as the one of the norms. Then as the 1800s came to a close, unscrupulous people began using this opportunity to create scams with fake profiles and that is when the escort industry forced its way into society.

As the 1900s came around, there as a noticeable popularity of personal ads and this was especially true in the Western part of the United States where the population was not that large and rural life was boring without having a partner.

The Rise of Matchmaking


The integration of personal ads made it in the pop culture of the United States during the early twentieth century. People would place ads to seek wives or informal relationships or partnerships. After World War I, it gained popularity as lonely servicemen tried to hook up with women they had longed for during the war. The match making services was transformed when personal ads declined during World War II and the Great Depression. This was the time that the Internet was born and things became more modern. With online match making services become more popular, Eharmony.com and Tinder.com were some of the first to birth the online dating tests that would not only help people to stay hooked up, but find out things about themselves that they might not have known before. Many other dating sites began to compete; some of which were Match.com and Kiss.com. In fact, in 1996, Yahoo took over sixteen dating sites; putting them at the top of their online directories.

It was actually in 2002 that the online dating phenomenon saw a major transformation with social media networks that included Myspace.com, which has since then phased out to competitors like Facebook and Instagram. With social network came more relationships, friendships and hook ups; no matter the platform. But, there was a problem for some people because of the close relationship between personality and sexuality. That is how sex tests and dating tests became so popular. It allowed people to take advantage of the match making services after getting the results of the dating tests. In so doing, they were able to change things about their personality and engage in dating and hook ups that worked for them in more substantive ways than it did before the tests.

Looking Back At The Most Dominant Personality Test


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test was created to help individuals in a relationship or single to become more aware of their distinct personalities and how they could use it successfully to relate to people in their lives or new folks coming into their lives. Many experts use this test today to do the same for their clients or patients. The MBTI test was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs along with her daughter who was named Isabel Briggs Myers. They combined their last names to give the test its name. All of this took place in the early part of the twentieth century. The mother and daughter got the inspiration to research the theory of people's personality types when the mother met her daughter's prospective husband known as Clarence Myers. Right away, she paid close attention to the fact that he saw the world differently. This type of personality test was thought to have the same impact on sexual personality in relationships and also for the single person. It viewed different sexual temperaments in different types of relationships. The personality test is now used by a wide audience, which included people with alternative lifestyles. The first test was published in 1962 and since then has developed into a phenomenon and instrument in a wide range of fields, tests and publications; both online and offline. Understanding your personality and other's personality is what Myers-Briggs test seems to exemplify and that is why it is heavily used around the world.

The Inheritance Of Fetishes


The world inherited fetishes that were thought to be a perversion by many people who did not understand reasons for the alternative choice. Most fetishes were adopted by men and women who found it hard to reach an orgasm without carrying out their most desired fantasies. Sigmund Freud assessed fetishes and came to the conclusion that they were sometimes not visible or known to the other person. They could be desire for a wide range of things including the feet, toes, hair, breasts, gloves, legs, leather and women's underwear. During Sigmund Freud's time, there were not fetish tests done to approve or disprove this claim. Over time, it was determined by experience that fetishes were a natural part of someone's lifestyle by choice. As time passed, Freud viewed fetishes in a different way. He connected it with some fantasy that the person might have been exposed to as a child. No fetish test was done to disprove this and many people did not buy his theory.

Who knew that fetishes would have been thought to be a form of idolatry until it was accepted by society at large?! And that is why Freud's take on this did not stand the test of time. Today, fetish tests were created to dispute such unproven accusations.

The New Century Brings Sex Tests


The twentieth and twenty first centuries brought on a different ball game. People were now able to go online and create their own personal ads, but soon after, dating sites began to emerge and many people saw this as a huge accomplishment and a great opportunity to meet someone without having to worry about the law or the legitimacy of it all. The idea of the dating tests and sex tests came about at first as a fun and adventurous way to find out which partner would be best. The tests used different variations of questions for users to find relevant answers pertaining to sex, relationships, sexual orientation, preferences and love.

The Modernized Impact


The dating apps that we now have as an avenue to accomplish the same thing as personal ads is just a manifestation and proof human beings will go to any length to communicate with whatever tools they have available to arrange sex, and to find companionship and love. Depending on your lifestyle of choice, taking dating tests would be ideal to know more about yourself and also knowing more about the person you intend to date. So, since the inception of online dating, a wide range of tests have cropped up to benefit specific sexual orientation such as lesbian, bisexual, fetish lovers, transgenders, gays and interracial couples; just to name a few. Prior to going mainstream, many from these groups would go online and take the tests to determine things that were unsettling to them. An example would be if the person felt comfortable about confidently assuming the lesbian or bisexual lifestyle. The tests would help to guide them toward a decision.

Ways To Use The Dating Tests


Dating tests or sex tests can be fun or you can take it seriously enough to use it as a platform that provides pertinent information about you so as to make the necessary changes for improving your sex life and your relationships. When it comes to using dating tests to your advantage, you should start first by going through the LocalMatches.com directory of sites that offer these tests. This will save you the trouble of searching on your own, which can take hours on end. We have put together three steps to getting the most out of dating tests.

Step #1: Browse The Categories

It is now time for you to go through the categories of dating tests that we have put together for you to make it much easier. If you are into fetishes, for example, you would definitely choose fetish dating tests that might challenge your BDSM knowledge and push you into confessing the type of sex toys you use. If you are a teenager, you might be interested in the teen dating tests where you show your level of commitment to a girlfriend or boyfriend. The interracial couple with seriousness in taking the next step would find it beneficial to browse through the interracial dating tests where you would find the questions probing and detailed. It might be time to take the plunge or not; based on your answers and the results. You can just click on the primary link for the Sex Tests; and you will be able to select all the dating test sites that you find listed. We have made it so easy for you by making the first link ready for you to click on. Now for Step two!

Step #2: Assess Your Selections

Choose your desired category of dating tests and assessing your selections of sites within the category. Each site has a short description and highlighted features that you may find interesting and informative. Look through them to see if your needs are met and if so, go to the next site selection and do the same thing. After you have selected three or more, then you should prioritize. You will have a better experience, if you do it this way.

Step #3: Make The Final Choice

It is after your assessment that you should now make your final choices. This should be easy because then you would have already known the benefits that it will offer. Go directly to each site and start taking the dating quiz. You can share your results with your social media followers, but this will be your personal choice. The answers to the quiz are from your personal experience and it has everything to do with your particular situation. For that reason, no answer is wrong, but you should provide honest answers. Be true to yourself.

The LocalMatches.com Dating Test Directory


Now for the fun part and that is why we have provided a list of the best dating test sites that you will ever find online. Most of them will help you to find better hook up partners, marriage partners, dating partners and sex partners. These tests are meant to help you discover yourself and your partner, if you are already in a relationship. Look through the directory below and make your choices.

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You are at the end of the journey and our dating test directory is the most essential aspect of the whole experience. Carry out the three steps mentioned above and then go directly to the directory. Don't wait another minute! It is your responsibility now to explore your options of fetish dating tests, interracial dating tests, sex tests, pop culture tests, relationship tests and cheating tests; just to name a few. Go on back now and begin the selection process!!!

LocalMatches.com is one of the top sites that researched and listed online dating tests users can take to determine sexuality, gender and other things.

The Best Online Sex Tests Directory

LocalMatches.com is one of the top sites that researched and listed online dating tests users can take to determine sexuality, gender and other things.

The Best Online Sex Tests Directory | LocalMatches.com