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Who says that people don't read anymore? If you think that the only way people enjoy sex online is to watch it happen, then we have several pieces of very arousing evidence to prove you wrong. Sex Story Sites are only becoming more and more popular, because they can help people indulge in their fantasies in ways that porn clips and live cams can never do. But with so many erotic literature options out there, how do you know which is the best for you? Well don't worry, because the LocalMatches.com Guide To Online Sex Stories has everything you need!

What is a "Sex Story"?


Let's start with the basics. A sex story is a story that has an erotic component to it, where there will be words and descriptions describing a sex act that is meant to arouse the reader. Because while plenty of other general fiction, mystery or adventure stories may have sex scenes in them, they are not the central focus of the story.

Some people may wonder about romance stories, but even there, the romance is the focus not the sex the people have. In sex stories, the sex is the point, and the author will typically describe in great detail what the characters look like, what they are doing, and how much pleasure they are getting out of the encounter.

Fictional Sex Stories

A lot of sex stories are mostly completely made up out of thin air. It is a great way for the author and the reader to indulge in fantasies that can't happen in real life, for a wide variety of reasons. While some fictional sex stories can be entirely realistic (like an encounter in an office between two co-workers), many of them have plenty of over-the-top features. This can include the characteristics and body parts of the people involved, but also the setting (space, sex dungeons, a jungle), and the amount or type of people involved. Some stories are completely fantastical and involves elves and wizards and aliens. No matter what turns you on, there's probably a story for it.

Real-Life Sex Stories

The opposite sides of this are true sex stories, that people recount and post (typically anonymously) for others to read. Certain sex story sites like TrueDirtyStories.com and CasualSexProject.com are designed to only accept encounters that actually happened. Now of course there is still no 100% proof that any of these things actually happened, but it's much more likely that stories are going to be a lot more grounded and honest than outright fictional sex stories.

Sex Stories Through the Ages


Just as sex toys are as old as civilization, it wasn't long after writing began that accounts of sexual activities were also being written. Egyptian hieroglyphs and Roman pottery described acts that were meant to excite the reader. It should come as no surprise that for something as basic and pleasurable as sex, no amount of censoring - either from a political or religious perspective - could stop people from discussing and participating in a wide range of sexual behaviours.

Early Sex Stories

One of the most famous sex stories was from the Roman Empire. Satyricon was written in 1AD, and concerns a wealthy man and his relationship with a young slave boy (among many other people in the novel). While sex is not quite the focus of the novel, there is a heck of a lot of it, while also giving a unique perspective of what life was like for the lower classes of the Roman Empire during that time.

In the 15th Century, the printing press was invented, and now it was much easier to print all sorts of books (before, everything was copied by hand). Lesbian sex stories were very popular at this time, with The School for Girls being a well-known title.

Fanny Hill

John Cleland wrote Fanny Hill in 1748, and it is the foundation for the modern sex story. It is the tale of a young prostitute named Fanny who has all sorts of sexual adventures with her clients, many of the encounters described in great and explicit detail. It offers straight, lesbian, BDSM, group sex, and plenty of other types of experiences. Many different editions included illustrations, which was certainly another early form of pornography. Fanny Hill's popularity has continued, as there have been several films made based on the book, the most recent being 2007.

Sex Stories And The Internet

Even through most of the 20th century, if you wanted to read a sex story, you had to go to a certain section of a book store and hope no one really paid attention to you as you went up to the register with an anthology of lurid encounters. But the internet has changed this completely, and now you can read story after story in the comfort of your own home. Just as the online world offers so many different options when it comes to visual adult content, you can find stories that address and include every sort of crazy fantasy you can imagine. There are message boards devoted to certain genres or kinks, and you can visit them and meet other fans to bond with over your identical turn ons.

Types of Sex Stories

As sex has become an activity that is much more accepted and discussed since the sexual revolution of the nineteen sixties and seventies, they amount of sex stories available to read (and the categories they come in) have proliferated over the last several years.

General Sex Stories

While it sounds pretty standard, there are a lot of ways, reasons, and places people have sex. A couple meeting in a bar and going back to a hotel room might sound a bit boring, but if you have a great writer to set the mood, introduce the characters, and describe the encounter in great, steamy detail, it could be an amazing turn on to read.

Celebrity/Fan Fiction Sex Stories

The chances are low that you're going to have sex with Jennifer Lawrence or Brad Pitt, but they are absolutely zero that you're going to have sex with Wonder Woman. That's where sex stories come in. Now you can definitely read a story where you (if it's told from your perspective) have sex with hollywood celebrities or superheroes or cartoon characters. Or they have sex with each other. Or Brad Pitt has sex with Wonder Woman. Just like fiction can be whatever you want it to be, fan fiction sex stories has that quality, too, with just a lot of sex written in.

Age-Related Sex Stories

Some people love to read about cheerleaders getting it on with the captain of the college football team, and others love to read stories about a bunch of hot MILFs having an amazing time with the stripper they hired for a party. There are a lot sex story sites (or sections within them) that focuses on these particular groups of people.

Interracial Sex Stories

It's shocking to realize that only fifty years ago there were rules against interracial marriage in many countries. Today, multicultural mingling in bed is absolutely common, and some people really enjoy reading about it in great, explicit detail. While it should be acknowledged that a lot of this revolves around white women and black men, you will find a lot of other stories involving races and cultures from around the world.

BDSM Sex Stories

Just like the internet was able to help kink and fetish fans find each other, it's become even easier to write down and share these fantasies you have about dominating someone else or being dominated. If you like to be tied up and humiliated, then you probably also enjoy reading about that activity, and the internet is sure to provide.

Alt (or Alternative) Sex Stories

While this isn't exactly a catchall term, you'll find some of the weird and more out-there stuff under this label. Stories that take place in a far off galaxy with aliens, or an alternative past/present/future, or even some taboo topics like family members getting a bit too close.

LGBT Sex Stories

It makes sense with the acceptance and embrace of the LGBT lifestyle, that the erotic content offered to them would expand greatly as well. And there are many websites out there that exclusively cater members of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities, with plenty of hot stories to read.

The LocalMatches.com Sex Stories Directory


Okay, this it! Here you will find the LocalMatches.com Sex Stories Directory, complete with links to all of our sex story categories. No matter what you're interested in, there will definitely be something that excites you. And there's no reason to be squeamish. This is one of the best ways to safely experiment with your fantasies and find out what genuinely arouses you. Maybe you'll start in the general sex stories section, but you'll find that the BDSM one is where you want to be!

So you're turned on! What's Next?


Sex stories are a great way to have a really intense and hot night filled with sexy images dancing in your head, but if you want to move on to the next level of fun, then LocalMatches.com is all set for you. As the name suggests, if you want to bring your fantasies to life with someone who might live just down the street from you, head over and create a profile so you can locate and start chatting with a bunch of hot people immediately. Soon you'll be able to write your own hot story about a real-life encounter!

The LocalMatches.com Guide To Online Sex Stories

If you want to find the best sex stories online, you don't have to look any further than the LocalMatches Guide To Online Sex Stories, because it's the best site to find the hottest erotica!

The LocalMatches.com Guide To Online Sex Stories