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Mmovsg.net provides users with a chance to start playing some of the most exciting and fun LGBT sex games. that you could ever find on the Internet. You can play animated and flash games until you feel the sexual emotions overcome you, which might lead to an orgasm. You will have some very unique sex games to help you carry out your sexual fantasies.

Mmovsg.net: Play LGTB Sex Games Like Chathouse 3D And Red Light Center!

  • Real human connection
  • Articles about sex
  • Play sex games where you and the model strips
  • Sex facts
  • Mandatory age requirement of 18 years


Gayflashgames.net takes pride in offering some of the best LBGT sex games in flash and 3D. All the games are interactive and engaging. The games allow you to feel as if you are actually one of the characters and part of the storyline. You can play during your downtime or if you are just feeling bored. This is a website that is popular for people from Russia. The models have some hot and sexy bodies that will visually please you as a player.

Gayflashgames.net:Start Playing LGBT Sex Games That Will Partially Involve You And Propel You Into Orgasmic Delight!

  • Different storylines
  • Focus on gay porn
  • Must be 18 years or older


Lesbiangames.org is a site that list some of the best tantalizing LBGT sex games. These games will amp up your sexual desire and make you want more and so you will always come back to see which games are being added next. You will get deeply involved in the theme and storyline for each game. All you have to do is to select the ones you like, depending on the descriptions and titles.

Lesbiangames.org: Register To Play LBGT Sex Games So You Can Experience More Nudity And Focus On Your Sexual Desire!

  • For lesbians and gays
  • Must be 18 years of age of older
  • Everything is done online - no download


Gaysexgames.org is everything that you would hope to achieve, if you are looking to change the way your sex life is going right now. You might need to see some more action to improve your sex life and so this is these LBGT sex games will get you where you want to be. You will experience more sensual and salacious activities and possible more orgasms.

Gaysexgames.org: Browse Through The Wide Range Of Topics And Categories And Then Choose LBGT Sex Games To Play!

  • Choose from the Hentai category
  • Age appropriate
  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Hot girls to play with


Adultgamenews.com not only offers some of the best lesbian and gay sex games, but it also gives you a place to feel as if you are at home. It is secure and private and so you don't have to worry about anyone intruding on your privacy. The website has been around since the 80s; long enough to have developed a good online reputation.

Adultgamesnews.com:Click Here To Choose Your Lesbian Character That You Can Play With.

  • You maintain control
  • Amazing storylines
  • Game reviews
  • Register for free
  • Play in virtual setting


69Games.xxx introduces you to an amazing platform that offers tons of LGBT sex games in a virtual environment. You can play arcade, action and adventure sex games to your heart's content. Many of the games are in special categories. For example, if you love to gamble, you would choose the casino sex game category. The same is true for card games and blow job games. If you love fun and humor, choose the funny sex game category.

69Games.xxx: Register Now And Begin Playing Booty Call, One Of The Most Popular LBGT Sex Games!

  • Free to become a member
  • X-rated sexual material
  • Play games with sex toys
  • Wide range of categories


Newgrounds.com will get you excited because of all the LGBT sex games that the site offers to users like yourself. The games are high intensity. Once you start playing, you will always want to come back to get more of what is being offered because a lot of new ones are added on a regular basis.

Newgrounds.com: Browse The Featured Category To Find Some Of The Best LBGT Sex Games.

  • Kinky and hardcore
  • User friendly
  • A lot of nudity involved
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Easy to navigate
  • Well laid out site


Comdotgame.com has been around for years and now has thousands of sex games listed for you to play with. Some of the LBGT sex games includes Creative Title, Wakfuck, Futas for You, Skull Girls, Blix Blitz, Monster Fuck, A Devious Plot, Just A Warmup, and Luna X Tia. There are tons more of the same thing on this same website that you will be able to access upon entering the site. Go first to the categories to see which games are listed that you like.

Comdotgame.com: Search For The Most Recently Added And Featured Sex Games!

  • Basic search option
  • Free registration
  • Virtual setting


Mycandygames.com is a website that makes it easy for you to play LGBT sex games so you can be entertained in the comfort of your own home. These games are going to feel like you have just been given your favorite candy and so, you will always want to have more of it. Start first with the categories such as cartoon, porn, Hentai, adult and casino games.

Mycandygames.com: Play LGBT Sex Games And Watch Girls Undress Before Your Very Eyes!

  • Newly added game
  • Most played
  • Most popular and most recent games
  • Free to play


Gayporngames.org is where you can access a collection of excitingly new LGBT sex games. You will definitely have fun playing and it won't take long before you might get addicted, but in a good way. The site offers porn games and these are quite long, so make sure you have time to play.

Gayporngames.org: Join Now And Begin Playing The Top Browser Sex Games For Gay Men!

  • Rating system
  • Must be of legal age - 18 and older
  • Free registration
  • Only gay sex games offered

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