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TeenStories.com is one of the best places to go if you want to read about co-eds getting it on. The site has a great mix of stories, from cheerleaders who explore each other, to a collection of first time tales.

TeenStories.com Has An Absolute Ton Of Hot Sex Stories

  • you can sign up for their email blasts to get stories delivered right to you
  • you can preview the site for free


Literotica.com's list of teen sex stories goes on for pages and pages, and it's perfectly arranged with some of the hottest ones at the top. This is because once you become a member (for free) you can read, rate and review stories and quickly become a part of this great erotica community.

Literotica.com Has Thousands of Amazing Young Sex Stories

  • all the stories are free to read
  • lots of other features here, like live cams and a big message board
  • you can submit your own stories very easily


SexStories.com is one of the biggest erotic literature sites out there, as its very direct name would suggest. That also means each category - including 'young' - goes on for many pages, so it will be a cinch for you to read the story tags and see which tale is perfect for you

SexStories.com Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Check Out Young Sex Stories Now!

  • all stories are completely free to read
  • you can check out their videos and cams on the XNXX network
  • very easy to comment on the stories you've just read


When you scroll through the selection of teen sex stories on NewSexStory.com, you'll get a great sample of erotica, and if you like what you see, you can click on the title to continue reading absolutely for free. There is also a great international flavour to the site, with submissions from around the world.

NewSexStory.com Has Completely Free Red Hot Sex Stories Here!

  • very easy to submit your own stories
  • all the stories here are free to read
  • plenty of other different story categories to choose from


JuicySexStories.com does a great job at offering some very hot teen sex stories, even as the site has a more romantic style throughout. There's also a lot other cool sections here, including member profiles so you can get to know the authors a lot better.

JuicySexStories.com Has Many Free Sex Stories Just Waiting For You To Take the Plunge!

  • stories are completely free to read
  • very easy to sign up and submit your own tales
  • the 'my secrets' confessions page reveals some of the members' fantasies


LushStories.com doesn't waste any time and give you exactly what you want on their teen/college sex story page. If you want to read about hot co-eds who can't keep their hands (or anything else) off each other, this is the place to check out.

LushStories.com Give You Thousands of Different Hot Stories For You To Explore!

  • a huge selection of other features, like audio stories and editors' picks
  • very easy to submit your own stories
  • everything on the site is free to use


WellSexStories.com has some pretty extremely tales involve eighteen years olds who just can't wait to explore their sexuality with other people. If you want to get really turned on, this simple-looking site has everything you could ever need.

WellSexStories.com Has Updates And Amazing Sex Story Content Added Daily!

  • plenty of other great categories to choose from
  • you can submit your own stories with the click of a button
  • lots of other categories to peruse


SexStoriesPost.com is a great blog-style story site that has a huge section that focuses just on teen sex. They also offer a lot of other amazing features, like live cams and audio sex stories, in case you want to listen to hot tales instead of read them.

SexStoriesPost.com Offers Thousands Of Readers' Real Life Or Imaginary Free Sex Stories At No Cost To You

  • all the stories are free to read
  • plenty of other hot story categories for you to enjoy
  • commenting and liking stories that excite you is always encouraged


SexStories-All.com keeps it simple, and when it comes to teen sex stories, that's completely fine, because you are just here for the steamy scenes and descriptions of filthy fun. It's a very easy site to use, and you can quickly scroll through thousands of different stories to find the one that will excite you the most.

SexStories-All.com Has Hundreds Of Arousing Young Sex Stories To Devour For Absolutely Nothing!

  • plenty of story tags means you can see exactly what kind of sex the story contains
  • very easy to rate and comment on stories
  • plenty of other amazing categories to choose from


sexstoriesclub.com/ is a great sex story site with plenty of hot categories to get you excited, and this includes 'teen sex stories', because there's nothing hotter than reading about co-eds on a college campus who just can't resist keeping their hands off each other.

sexstoriesclub.com/ Means Teen And Young Free Sex Stories - It's All Here

  • all stories are free to read
  • easy to find related stories if you just loved what you read
  • plenty of other hot categories to look through

The Top Young Sex Stories Online

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