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If you've always fantasized about getting it on with co-worker, or just something kinky happening in your office or store or anywhere, then PornoBites.com has some super hot tales that can get you excited. Whether pretty straightforward or very extreme, you'll find it all here.

PornoBites.com Has An A Great Mix of Workplace Sex Stories

  • all the sex stories are free to read
  • easy to look for stories by date, by likes, by view


Literotica.com has a whole lot of everything on their site, with dozens of different categories and sub-categories, and one of the best is certainly their workplace tales. It's so easy to imagine all these hot scenarios happening to you and your co-workers in your own life.

Literotica.com Has Hundreds of Amazing Workplace Sex Stories

  • lots of other great features like live sex cams and message boards
  • very easy to sign up and submit your own stories
  • everything on the site is free to read


SexStories.com has a very plain sounding name, but makes up for it by having some of the most extreme workplace-centred stories you'll ever read. On top of this, they have links to other video and cam sites on the XNXX network.

SexStories.com Is Very Free, Very Hot - Read Indian Sex Stories Now!

  • amazing collection of other genres and categories
  • very easy to review and rate every story
  • everything on the site is free to access


As soon as you check out GoStories.com you'll be able to tell that it's pretty old site, but that doesn't matter much, because the stories are all about hot sex going down at work, and they're all really dirty and fun.

GoStories.com Is a Great Spot For Workplace Fantasy!

  • all stories are free to read
  • links to other great sites are there
  • some hot photos add to the atmosphere


LushStories.com is a massive sex story site with hundreds of stories alone that take place at work, from construction sites to affairs with secretaries. No matter what kind of job it is, there can be at least two other jobs taking place there!

LushStories.com Works Overtime When it Comes to Offering Great Sex Stories!

  • all the sex stories are free to read
  • lots of other great features, like message boards and live cams
  • audio stories are available if you want to listen instead of read


sexualstories.club is a great sex story site, and they have a particularly large collection of hot fantasies that take place at people's work, whether it be offices, stores, restaurants, or really any place that you've ever fantasized about having sex that's not your own house.

sexualstories.club Presents Hundreds of Sex Stories For You!

  • very easy to search for what turns you on thanks to story tags
  • all the stories are free to read
  • they list some of the most popular and recent stories


Sometimes the truth is hotter than fiction, and you'll definitely think so at TrueDirtyStories.com. Here you'll find short, sexy anecdotes that take place in fast food restaurants and boring cubicles. You will definitely be able to identify with some of the hot scenes going on.

TrueDirtyStories.com Has Many Great Work Stories Added Daily!

  • great selection of other sex story categories
  • all the stories here are free to read
  • you can confidentially submit your own tale


SexStories-All.com might be one of the most basic sex story sites out there, but that doesn't matter, since they still offer hundreds of amazingly hot tales about all sorts of workplaces, from blue to white collar, and everything else in between (in all these stories the shirt ends up on the floor, anyway).

SexStories-All.com Offers Thousands Of Great Work Sex Stories

  • all the stories are free to read
  • tags allow you to find the stories that have exactly what turns you on
  • they make it easy to rate the stories, so people can find the best


When it comes to workplace fantasies, you may as well fulfill them at a site actually called Fantasies.com. Here you'll find a huge list of sex stories that all takes place in all sorts of business establishments, where all the workers just can't seem to keep their hands (or anything else) off each other.

Fantasies.com Has Hundreds Of Sex Stories To Devour Right Now!

  • there are many other categories listed right on the main page
  • some stories have a few photos to give you some visual stimulation
  • stories are completely free to read


YourLust.com is a pretty low-key site with nothing but text from top to bottom, but when it comes to sex stories, that's all you really need. And there workplace-themed story list goes on for over sixty pages, so you'll definitely something that turns you on, whether it's a secretary or construction worker.

YourLust.com Means You Don't Have to Work Hard to Find Hard Work Stories

  • all the stories are free to read
  • they have some great links to hot video/photo pages
  • very easy to submit your own story

The Best Work Sex Stories Online

If you've ever fantasized about getting it on at work, you'll find you're not the only one, with thousands of sex stories about hooks up there! LocalMatches.com can't wait to show you the best sites!

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