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AdultFriendFinder.com is best known as a hookup site, but if you want to get a bit turned on while trying to chat with other members, they have a great sex story section, especially their 'mature' category, where you can read tons of hot tales of women and men in their forties and over who know exactly what they're doing.

AdultFriendFinder.com Has An Huge Amount of Hot and Varied Sex Stories

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • joining the site doesn't cost a thing, and then you can submit your own stories


SexStories-Wives.com gives you a great opportunity to read all about these mature ladies who can't get enough sex, whether it's BBC, gang bangs, or even cuckolding their husbands as they watch. You'll have an amazing time using this super simple site.

SexStories-Wives.com Has Hundreds of Hot Mature Sex Stories

  • all the stories are totally free to read
  • the sub-categories are listed at the top of the page
  • easy to find related stories at the bottom of the one you just read


Sex4Stories.com is a really great site that has many different sex story categories, including a huge list of tales with mature men and women getting it on in all sorts of dirty ways.

Sex4Stories.com Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read Sex Stories Now!

  • plenty of different story tags so you can find exactly what turns you on
  • lots of other general sex story categories to choose from
  • all the stories are free to read


YourLust.com doesn't have a flashy look to it, but that's fine, because it's a story site, and you're going to get turned on with all the text describing hot encounters with mature men and women. Whether it's a bit of BDSM kink or educating a hot co-ed, these stories will definitely excite you.

YourLust.com Has Free Red Hot Mature Sex Stories Here!

  • very easy to submit your own story
  • they have links to live sex cams and hardcore galleries
  • all the stories are free to read


JuicySexStories.com looks like a very romantic site, with soft pink and red colours, but the stories themselves involving mature men and women are super hot and dirty. Whether it's photoshoots gone crazy, or adventures with double-ended dildos, you'll read some wild fantasies here.

JuicySexStories.com Is A Buffet of Free Sex Stories Just Waiting For You To Start Eating!

  • their 'my little secret' section with member confessions is a really turn on
  • it is very easy to submit your own story
  • plenty of other great sex story categories to browse


swinglifestyle.com/ may cater to people who like to swap partners for fun, but that means it should be no surprise that they like reading about sexy encounters as well. Even in their mature category, they have over four thousand amazingly hot stories for you to look through.

swinglifestyle.com/ Put Thousands Of Mature Sex Stories Right At Your Fingertips!

  • if you like sexy stuff, you can even join their huge group for free
  • all the stories are free to read
  • very easy to review and rate all the stories


If you want a site with several hundred sex stories that can keep you excited all night (and day, really), then ASexStories.com is the place for you. Their selection tales involving horny, mature men and women is great.

ASexStories.com Should Be One of Your Main Stops for Hot Mature Stories!

  • easy to arrange stories by niche, tag, or category
  • stories are completely free to read
  • they also offer porn videos and sex chat


4FreeStories.com is nice and simple site with a whole bunch of hot tales of older men and women who find themselves in very sticky and sultry situations. Whether it's a massage that gets more extreme, and landlady letting her tenant pay the rent some other way, you'll definitely enjoy the fantasies.

4FreeStories.com Offers Thousands Of Sex Stories At No Cost To You

  • easy to comment and review the stories
  • you can read all of them for free
  • plenty of links to other hot sites


SexStoriesClub.com is a very fun site with a seventies-era logo, and plenty of hot stories to read. Their 'mature' category is quite big, and it's easy to read hot story after hot story, because they always recommend another few at the bottom of the one you just read.

SexStoriesClub.com Has Hundreds Of Sexy, Naked Mature Sex Stories To Devour!

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • you can add your own tale very easily
  • they offer a blog with some sex tips as well


ASSTR is as old-school as it gets, with just an alphabetical list of some of the hottest mature sex stories you'll ever read. If you really get turned on reading about how an older man or woman educates a young, eager co-ed, then this is the place for you.

ASSTR Means A Collection of Many Types of Free Sex Stories - It's All Here

  • stories are completely free to read
  • very easy to add comments to the stories
  • if you like the author, you can follow them via their author page

The Best Mature Sex Stories Online

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