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IRStories.com is one of the places on the internet that focuses exclusively on all the colours of the rainbow coming together to have amazing hot sex. And not only can you read about white women getting it on black guys (and certainly vice versa) but they offer a lot of videos to watch as well.

IRStories.com Has An Absolute Ton of Hot Interracial Sex Stories

  • you can have stories emailed right to your inbox
  • they also have photo galleries and movie clips to enhance your experience


If you want to read some amazing sex stories, then you should head over to Literotica.com, one of the top sites on the net. Their Interracial Section has more stories available than other sites' entire catalogues. And they make it easy for you to find the hottest ones there.

Literotica.com Has Hundreds of Amazing Young Sex Stories

  • the site makes it easy to submit your own stories
  • all stories are completely free to read
  • plenty of other features like message boards and live cams


SexStories.com may have a plain blue background, but they also have a huge section for those are looking for other colours that like to mingle in some really hot ways. If you want to see a really melting pot of pleasure, look no further than their huge Interracial sex story section.

SexStories.com Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read These Sex Stories Now!

  • a huge selection of other story categories to browse
  • very simple to comment and rate a story
  • everything on the site is free to access


NewSexStory.com has a huge international influence, with story sections just for Asian and Indian writers, but they also have a very vibrant Interracial section, so you can read a lot of hot stories involving a lot of white, asian and Indian women being very impressed with the size of black men's packages.

NewSexStory.com Has Completely Free Red Hot Interracial Sex Stories Here!

  • all the stories here are free to read
  • it is a very simple process to submit a story
  • plenty of other categories for you to peruse


With its flowers and soft pink colours, JuicySexStories.com may look innocent, but you won't have to do much poking around until you see its much dirtier side. Their interracial section goes on for pages, so if you want to read about all the colours of the rainbow getting naked at a party, this place is for you.

JuicySexStories.com Has Tons of Sex Stories Just Waiting For You!

  • plenty of different categories to look through
  • you can even buy erotic e-books written by members, to support the site
  • the stories themselves are completely free to read, however


LushStories.com is the world's most renowned - and safest - porn site does the sex story experience right. Not only is there a huge list of amazing interracial stories from around the world (the white woman-black man is pretty standard, but one of the most popular ones stars a Japanese Mature Stud), but they even have story tags within this category.

LushStories.com Put Thousands of Hot IR Stories Right In Front of You!

  • plenty of audio stories for you to download
  • all stories are completely free to read
  • message board and groups make it easier to meet other story fans


WellSexStories.com doesn't mess around when it comes sex stories. They have a great collection of Interracial Stories, and it doesn't matter what races or nationalities you want to see hook up, you'll definitely find it here, again and again.

WellSexStories.com Has Hot Sex Story Content Added Daily!

  • lots of other steamy story categories
  • you can submit your own story with click of a button the main page
  • everything on the site is free to use


While the appearance of Fantasies.com has a bit more of a high class take to it, the stories themselves are plenty hot and horny. They may call it 'Ethnic Experiences', but there are still a bunch of stories about men and women going absolutely crazy with lust with their new partners.

Fantasies.com Offers Thousands Of Interracial Sex Stories To Drive You Wild

  • entire site is free to use
  • very simple to submit a story
  • plenty of other great categories are listed on the main page


eroticstories.com/ might not be the flashiest site out there, but there are over thirty pages of amazing Interracial sex stories on here. No matter where in the world people are, you can definitely read about them hooking up here.

eroticstories.com/ Has Hundreds Of Amazing Sex Stories To Read!

  • reviews and ratings means you can find the hottest stories fast
  • all the stories are absolutely free to read
  • plenty of other videos, photos and links to take in


While ASSTR.org may have been created back in the nineties, a hot collection of Interracial Sex Stories never goes out of style. The list is so huge that it's divided into two pages, with each story having a quick summary before you click on the link to read the whole thing, and it describes all the hot sex you'll find inside.

ASSTR.org Means A Huge Amount Of Sex Stories - It's All Here

  • all the stories here are free to read
  • no pop-ups or ads on the site
  • a huge selection of other categories and stories are available

The Top Interracial Sex Stories Online

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