The Hottest First Time Sex Story Sites That Will Excite You



LostMyV.com is a really low-key looking site that focuses exclusively on the 'v' in it's name. It's a mix of arousing accounts of people getting it on for the very first time, as well as very specific details about their age, location, and their overall assessment of how it went. It's a very surprising account of true sex stories.

LostMyV.com Has An Absolute Ton of Hot Sex Stories

  • all stories are free to read
  • they also have surveys and polls about your first time


When it comes to one of the best sex story sites anywhere, Literotica.com has to be at the top of the list, and their huge selection of 'first time' stories is a great example why. They arrange them by newest or hottest or any way you'd like, so you can find the perfect story for you within the whole category.

Literotica.com Has Hundreds of Amazing Virginity-Lost Sex Stories

  • they have some amazing story contests
  • all the stories are free to read
  • very easy to like or comment on a story


SexStories.com has a very simple name, and it works because this simple site has an amazing collection of stories about people's first times, and they are all super hot and exciting to read.

SexStories.com Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read First Time Sex Stories Now!

  • huge selection of other story genres and themes
  • stories are free to read
  • part of the bigger XNXX network, with other videos and webcams


NewSexStory.com is a blog-style site with a great selection of 'virgin no more' stories, with each one hotter than the last. The main page gives you a great taster of each one, and you can click on it to read the full story. They also have plenty of other awesome categories to choose from.

NewSexStory.com Has Free And Hot First Time Sex Stories!

  • plenty of multi-part stories so you really get involved in them
  • all the stories are free to read
  • they have a local sex chat feature as well


If you want a very romantic-looking site that can still offer some sexy tales of first times, then check out JuicySexStories.com. They have a very active fan community that's free to join, and you can even submit your own tales about sexy experiences.

JuicySexStories.com Is A Feast of Free Sex Stories So Don't Delay!

  • all stories are free to read
  • you can read the top 10 best rated stories easily
  • their 'members confessions' section is very arousing


LushStories.com is one of the biggest and busiest sex story sites out there, and with over four hundred thousands members, you can bet that the stories they share about losing their virginity will be absolutely amazing. And thanks to how they rank stories, you can find the top rated ones very quickly.

LushStories.com Puts Thousands Of Hot Stories Right In Front of You!

  • very easy to sign up and submit your own tales
  • all stories are free to rea
  • huge selection of other story categories to go through


XHamster.com is a great porn video site that also happens to be an amazing sex story site. It really does have everything you desire, including thousands of 'first time' stories, so you can relive your own past by reading these hot tales of what pleasures others went through.

XHamster.com Has Updates And First Time Sex Story Content Added Daily!

  • all the stories here are free to read
  • easy to search by most popular, highest rated, top authors, etc.
  • site also has huge video and sex cam sections


SexStories-All.com is a plain-looking text site where the selection of stories goes on for hundreds of pages, and that's just the 'first time' stories. Each one has tags describing the sex acts contained within, so you'll know right away if this is sort of thing that will really turn you on.

SexStories-All.com Offers Thousands Of Free Sex Stories For Your Pleasure

  • stories are completely free to read
  • huge collection of other categories to go through
  • no pop-ups anywhere on the site


Fantasies.com is one of those sites whose romantic name hides a very hot and sexy treasure-trove of stories beneath it. And when it comes 'first times' you'll always remember the first time you came here and enjoyed hundreds of erotic tales about virginity lost.

Fantasies.com Has Hundreds Of Sex Stories To Devour For Absolutely Fre!

  • easy to search for what exactly turns you on
  • plenty of other hot categories to choose from
  • all the stories on here are completely free to read


If you're looking for some amazing true-life accounts of people losing their virginity, then the 'Sex Info Online' section of the SOC.UCSB.EDU website is the place for you. While it might not have the appearance of a sex story site, these are some very real accounts of people getting it on for the first time.

SOC.UCSB.EDU Means Free Sex Stories

  • all stories are free to read
  • easy to search for what you want to find
  • they offer some LGBT accounts as well

The Top First Time Sex Stories Online

You'll never forget your first time, but you can re-live it again (and with more fantastical elements), with this great list of sex story sites that LocalMatches.com has right below!

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