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If you get a bit more excited than usual when you read about someone how gets caught when their hand caught in a proverbial cookie jar, then you should check out ThatsEmbarrassing.com. Whether it's webcams gone wrong, or slipping at the wrong spot, you can have a hot time here.

ThatsEmbarrassing.com Has An Ton of Hot and Bashful Free Sex Stories

  • the entire site is free to use
  • plenty of other embarrassing stories to read through


As far as Literotica.com is concerned, when it comes to be humiliated, there's plenty of different sort of kinks to go around, and that can mean people who love bondage, supernatural epics, and even problems/solutions to premature ejaculation. The amount of stories goes on for pages and pages.

Literotica.com Has Hundreds of Amazing Humiliating Sex Stories

  • all the stories here are free to read
  • easy to see the story rating and the comments on them
  • lots of other features here, including a huge message board


If you get excited watching a grown man do some desperate things for the sexual arousal others (including yourself), then SexStories.com has a lists of tales that goes on for pages. Whether it's captivity, mind control, or other strange situations, if it's based on shame for pleasure, you'll find it here.

SexStories.com Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read Embarrassing Sex Stories Now!

  • thousands of free sex stories to choose from
  • plenty of other categories listed on the left side of the page
  • ratings and comments means you can find the best ones fast


Whether taking place in a doctor's office or a family business, you'll find a great selection of sultry humiliation stories at NewSexStory.com. With an international flare (stories take place all over the globe), you'll see that this sort of niche kink brings all sorts of people together.

NewSexStory.com Has Some Amazing Free Sex Stories Here!

  • stories are free to read
  • you can search for the sort of thing you like right on the main page
  • very easy to submit your own story to read


When men and women get a bit kinky, and then things get even stranger and awkward, then you might be reading a humilaton-style sex story. SexStoriesPost.com has a ton of great ones, from sorority hazing to problems with glory holes. Shame will always be on the menu here, just to arouse you.

SexStoriesPost.com Is A Veritable Buffet of Sex Stories Waiting To Be Read!

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • you can submit stories with the click of a button
  • they offer audio stories so you can listen instead of read to get excited


When it comes to some dirty stories where people are put into some subservient positions, SexStories-All.com is indeed the site that has it all. No matter what kind of degrading behaviour might turn you on, the characters in all these stories will do it for you.

SexStories-All.com Put Thousands Of Shame Stories Right at Your Feet!

  • story tags make it easy to find what excites you
  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • plenty of other different categories to browse through


Even if your own personal fantasy is reading about someone else at their humiliating worse, that's what fiction is for, and Fantasies.com is happy to deliver. Whether it's a crossdressing husband or a mischievous priests, many people here are going to go through embarrassment so you can feel great.

Fantasies.com Has a Great Thing Going With its Huge Selection of Shame Stories!

  • stories are completely free to read
  • easy to search for what turns you on
  • the site also offers hot movies for you to watch


When it comes to massive porn video sites, xhamster.com/ is one of the big ones. But their sex story department is no slouch, and they have thousands of humiliation-style stories, ranging from some BDSM play, to just some awkward scenarios when something goes wrong.

xhamster.com/ Offers You This Great Selection of Shame Stories

  • free to read all the stories
  • easy to see the likes, comments and ratings of each story, so you can find the best
  • plenty of other hot story categories to choose from


If you really enjoy reading stories of weak-willed men being pushed around by dominant women, then HumiliationStories is the place for you. Whether its planned submission, or just being general spineless, you can take all the pleasure you want of these men getting all red faced and red cheeked.

HumiliationStories Has Hundreds Of Sex Stories Full of Arousing Shame!

  • the site is in a wordpress blog-style format
  • story tags make it easy to find what you want
  • all the stories are free to read


Sometimes punishment and lessons can be a bit award and embarrassing, and that's exactly what you can read about on PornoBites.com. Whether problems inside a store dressing room or some lessons involving the behind, if you get turned on by shame, you'll be having a ball.

PornoBites.com Means Sex Stories Come In Nice and Easy Packages

  • all the stories are free to read
  • you can arrange the stories by likes, by views, and by date
  • very easy to submit your own sex stories

The Top Embarrassing Sex Stories Online

Sometimes you get really turned on reading about things that bring shame and awkwardness to others, and fortunately there are plenty of sex story sites for that! LocalMatches.com has all the top ones right here!

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