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If you've always had sexy thoughts about your favourite attractive celebrity, Literotica.com is the place for you to visit. They have a massive selection of stories that have supermodels and actors and anyone else getting together for some very dirty fun.

Literotica.com Has An Absolute Ton of Hot Celebrity Sex Stories

  • site is completely free to use
  • very easy to sign up and submit your own stories


The name kind of gives it away, but it's good to know that CelebrityStoryLibrary.com gives you exactly what you expect, and over fifty thousand posts and six thousand members, you will definitely find a hot fantasy with pretty much anyone who's ever been on a magazine in Hollywood.

CelebrityStoryLibrary.com Has An Amazing Forum to Talk Celebrity Sex Within

  • all stories are free to use on the site
  • very easy to create a profile and submit, comment on content
  • easy to search by movie, music, TV, or reality star


Whether real or imagined, you'll find an amazing collection of celebrity sex stories at SexStories.com. There are several thousand of them, and you will definitely enjoy yourself reading story after story with these beautiful people getting it on in great detail

SexStories.com Is Top Site for All You Fantasy Celebrity Erotica!

  • stories are free to read
  • plenty of other amazing genres and categories
  • easy to arrange stories by topic, rating, submission date


NewSexStory.com has a huge list of celebrity erotica, where all the hottest hollywood actors and actresses are getting it on the weirdest and sexual ways, all for your enjoyment. The site is super easy to use, and has a lot of other great topics, so you should definitely check it out.

NewSexStory.com Has Completely Free Sex Stories Right Here!

  • very easy to post your own story
  • you can see lists of the best and last stories
  • entire site is free to use


XHamster.com may best be known as a porn video site, but they have no problem creating a huge sex story section as well. Include here is a great list of celebrity stories, and they involve hot real people from around the world getting in hot, unreal situations. It's a lot of sexy fun.

XHamster.com Has So Many Other Features That You'll Spend Hours Here!

  • story area and the rest of the site is free to use
  • ratings and comment systems means you can find the best stories
  • plenty of other great categories to choose from


SexStoriesPost.com has an amazing selection of celebrity sex stories, along with other sorts of literary erotica. Whether you want to read about living next door to a horny Scarlett Johansson, or if Marilyn Monroe was alive today, you'll find such fantasies here.

SexStoriesPost.com Is Where to Go For all Your Hot Hollywood Fantasies!

  • stories are completely free to read
  • easy to search for whatever turns you on
  • you can submit your own stories easily


Fantasies.com doesn't waste any time, and right on the first page you have some crazy celebrity encounters involving famous presidents and first ladies. It only gets more intense from there, and you'll quickly realize why this site has the name it does.

Fantasies.com Has A Great Selection of Hollywood Hotness!

  • all stories are completely free to read
  • very easy to rate the stories
  • you can submit at story right from the main page


When you want some quick celebrity hotness that is less truth and completely steam, then you should really check out PornoBites.com. This is a really straightforward and awesome site, and if you want to see Hollywood get dirty, you'll have an amazing time.

PornoBites.com Offers Thousands Of Imaginary Hollywood Nights For You

  • tags make it easy to find what you desire
  • super simple to submit your own sex story
  • you can comment and like each story that turns you on


ASSTR is a great place to read about all sorts of celebrities hooking up in very explicit ways, ranging from ABBA to Halle Berry. No matter what kind of imagination you have, you'll find that someone else thought of and wrote it first. But that just means all you have to do is read it.

ASSTRIs a Old School Site With Some New School Tricks

  • huge list is alphabetical
  • all the stories are free to read
  • each story has some tags at the summary's end so you know what you're getting into


CelebFanForum.com is a huge message board forum, which is arranged by celebrity name, so you can quickly click on your hollywood fantasy and then see a whole list of the different stories where they are the sexy centre.

CelebFanForum.com Means Everyone From Amy Adams to Zooey Deschanel Is Having Hot Fun Here!

  • all stories are free to read
  • set up of the pages are completely easy
  • plenty of other sex story forums here

The Top Celebrity Sex Stories Online

Live out your celebrity crush fantasies, with a huge list of sex stories sites that see all the most beautiful people in Hollywood get dirty just for you! LocalMatches.com has all the best place to visit right here!

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