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PornStories.com is one of the best sex story sites out there because they don't hold anything back. No matter what gets you excited, they have stories for it. with thousands in all sorts of categories, from mature to group to kinky. It's all here, with plenty of other hot features as well

PornStories.com Has An Ton of Hot and Varied Niche Sex Stories

  • lots of videos and photos to go along with the stories
  • you can listen to audio versions of the stories


Whether you get turned on by some voyeurism, domination, or workplace-related erotica, TabooStories.com has everything you want to have a hot evening with some fantasies that will get you super excited. And if you can't wait, you can even join the live chat system to talk with other people who are excited.

TabooStories.com Has Hundreds of Crazy, Kinky Sex Stories

  • plenty of videos and pictures as well
  • some stories come in an audio format
  • you can join for free


DiscreetWritings.com has a great mix of stories that uncover so people darkest secrets and fantasies. No matter what you're looking for, their huge selection of stories will leave you wanting more and more, and they can provide.

DiscreetWritings.com Is Very Hot - Read Niche Sex Stories Now!

  • you can exchange stories with other members
  • the whole site can be access via mobile devices
  • over twenty five story categories


Literotica.com is a massive sex story site that has so many different categories that there's no way you can read everything on there. When it comes to kinks and lesser known turn ons, the tales still go on for pages and pages.They even have a great message board, where you can meet other erotica fans and talk about your fantasies.

Literotica.com Has All Sorts of Amazing Sex Stories To Read!

  • it's completely free to use
  • very easy to sign up and comment and submit your stories
  • they also have photo galleries and illustrated stories


SexStories.com may have a very basic name, and an even more basic site (it's just text, no images at all), but that's because they've devoted their energy to offering thousands of stories in every conceivable genre, theme, or kink you can imagine. Scroll down the left hand side and you'll be blown away at the size of kinky selection.

SexStories.com Is A Veritable Orgy of Free Sex Stories Just Waiting For You To Dive Into!

  • tags make it easy to search for what you desire
  • all the stories are free to read
  • you can comment on stories, and even submit your own very easily


NewSexStory.com is a very simple site, with the many different story selections right on the main page, and they go back and forth from standard (Cheating, Celebrity, MILF) to some crazy niche stuff (Impregnation, Supernatural, Bondage, Toilet Slave). This mean it's a site for anyone who wants to get really hot!

NewSexStory.com Gives You Exactly What You Want to Read When You're Horny!

  • stories are free to read
  • easy to search for what turns you on
  • great international vibe with plenty of Indian sex story categories


Whatever turns you on, JuicySexStories.com has you covered. Right on the main page, they have a crazy selection of intense and erotic story categories, so don't let the pretty colours and flower images fool you. There are plenty of kinky fantasies that are being fulfilled here.

JuicySexStories.com Has Regular Updates So You Always Have a Reason To Return!

  • hundreds of stories to choose from
  • stories are free to read
  • 'confessions' section is a hot area for members to confess sexy secrets


With over four hundred thousand members and over fifty thousand stories, LushStories.com doesn't mess around. Whatever turns you on, you can find very quickly with their amazing story tag system, and the list of the newest tales are right on the main page. You will have an amazing time here with all the extra features.

LushStories.com Offers One of the Best Literary Erotica Experiences on the 'net!

  • stories are all free to read
  • many other great features, like audio stories, contests, and editors' picks
  • very easy to submit your own stories


WellSexStories.com is a really simple-looking site, but right on the main page you can see all their categories that can get really kinky, really fast (ass to mouth, exhibitionism, spanking, and dark fantasy). No matter what gets you excited, you'll find someone who wrote a story about it here.

WellSexStories.com Has Hundreds Of Great Sex Stories For You To Read Today!

  • all stories are free to read
  • some of the most intense and extreme stories and mixed in with some romantic-style ones
  • easy to submit a story


Reddit.com is already one of the biggest and most popular websites in general, so it should come as no surprise that their sex story forum has over seventy thousand members. There's a ton of great content right on the main page, and they are immediately super kinky and taboo.

Reddit.com Means A Huge Selection of Stories and Fans!

  • the site is completely free to use and sign up for
  • so many other great sections and features on the site
  • no pop-ups or ads

The Hottest Niche Sex Stories Online

If you want to read an amazing selection of sex stories that explore all sorts of niche fantasies and kins, look no further! LocalMatches.com has all the best sites right here!

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