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The Hottest Lesbian Sex Story Sites Will Blow You Away! may be more a lifestyle site, but when they want to get dirty, they don't pull any punches, and their lesbian stories section is just as hot as a full blown sex story site. Check out the 'lesbian confession' articles as well for some real life lustiness. Will Drive You Wild With Their Erotic Articles

  • plenty of other non-sexual articles to read
  • 'related stories' feature means you can always stick with the hot stuff

If you're looking for a wild collection of stories involving women loving women, then has a great list of sapphic adventures for you. Whether it's a workplace affair, or some co-ed cheerleaders exploring themselves in the shower after practice, you'll get super-excited in no time at all. Has Hundreds of Top Lesbian Sex Stories

  • tags make it easy to find exactly what turns you on
  • all the stories are completely free to read here
  • you can vote and rate and review every story is exactly what it sounds like, and right on the main page they have a huge list of amazing women-on-women encounters that will surely make your night (or day, since every moment is the right time for some hot lesbian erotica). Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read Lesbian Sex Stories Now!

  • a great selection of sub-categories so you can find the exact sort of lesbian story you want
  • all the stories are free to read
  • plenty of links to other hot lesbian sites has a huge international audience, with plenty of stories penned by people from India and China, but certainly what unites us all is our love of hot stories involving two or more women getting it on! The list of lesbian erotica here is impressive, and you'll love reading about it happening all over the globe. Has Wonderfully Hot Lesbian Sex Stories!

  • it is very easy to submit your own stories
  • they also have a local sex chat feature
  • plenty of other sex story categories to look through keeps it simple in name and site appearance, but that just means they save all the 'work' for their incredible and seemingly endless selection of lesbian erotica. No matter what you're dirty mind can conceive, there is definitely a story for that (whether an office romance, or getting sex tips from a hot teacher). Offers a Mind-blowing Amount of Sex Stories That Will Turn You On!

  • ratings system means you can see the hottest stories right away
  • entire site is free to use and explore
  • part of the XNXX network, so you're one click away from hot videos and live cams adds a but of romance to the world of online lesbian sex stories, but not too much romance. There's still plenty of dirty adventures that you can read about here (and a story called 'lear-jet lesbian' always piques my interest). Put A Whole Bunch of Lesbian Sex Stories In Front of Your Horny Eyes!

  • their 'my little secrets' area is full of hot member confessions
  • plenty of other hot story categories to browse
  • entire site is free to explore has an old-school vibe to the whole site, but that's fine, since all that matters is that the words are just as hot here as anywhere else. The list of lesbian erotica here is amazing, and they have many multi-part stories so you can really get emotionally (and sexually) invested in the action. Is A Great Place to Explore All Your Sapphic Fantasies!

  • they also offer live sex chat, a sex toy store, and even a few hot galleries
  • it is very easy to sign up and submit your own stories
  • everything on the main site is free to access may not look like it's set up for some super-hot lesbian sex stories, but once you get the hang of clicking on all the categories and sub-categories, you'll find that the list is practically endless, and you can definitely find the fantasy encounter of your dreams. Offers Thousands Of Readers' Real Life Or Imaginary Lesbian Sex Stories

  • easy to search via highest rated and most recent stories
  • stories are completely free to read on the site
  • they have an impressive collection of videos and galleries for members is taking your fantasies to the next level, by offering an arousing collection of stories designed for your ears, not your eyes. Now you can listen to a sultry-voiced vixen describe all the sexy things she's doing to her girlfriend through your earphones. Will Change the Way You Look at Erotic Fantasy Literature

  • they offer some great free stories to sample
  • you can submit your own story that their actresses will read
  • plenty of other sex story categories to explore doesn't mess around, because the have over fifty thousand stories and four hundred thousand members (site is free to join), so you know that everyone here loves reading high quality tales of women-loving-women. Means You'll Always Have a Sexy Time When You Visit

  • the message board forum is a great place to meet other sex story fans
  • tags make it easy to find the exact sort of story you want to read
  • plenty of other features like live cams and a sex toy store

The Top Lesbian Sex Stories Online

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