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No matter where you are in the world, you can be sure that there's an audience for reading hot tales of two guys getting it on, because IndianSexStories offers a great selection of them. No matter what kind of story or scene interests you (chance encounters, Bear/Cub), you'll find it here.

IndianSexStories Offers a Ton of Hot and Varied Gay Sex Stories

  • the entire site is completely free to use
  • it is very easy to submit your own hot story fantasies offers a great list of man-on-man (and sometimes a lot more men) sex stories for you to peruse right on the main page. If you like the sample, click on the stories and read on to your heart's (and any other body part's) content. Has Hundreds of Top-Notch Gay Sex Stories

  • plenty of tags make it easy to find the stories you want to read
  • there are many other story categories to choose from
  • everything on the site is free to access is one of the biggest sex stories on a site that also doubles as a huge adult message board, so you can be sure that all these people are writing some of their hottest gay fantasies for everyone else (including you) to read. Is Totally Horny, Totally Hot, So Read Their Gay Sex Stories Now!

  • signing up for the site is free and offers plenty of extra features
  • it's very easy to submit your own story
  • story tags mean you can find the exact sort of hot story you want doesn't waste any time, and right on the main page you can start reading hot samples of all their gay story content, and it's totally free to click on the full story and read until you can't stand it. There are plenty of multi-part stories, so you can really get attached to the characters and the action. Has Completely Red Hot Gay Sex Stories Here!

  • you can search via latest posts and top authors
  • everything on the site is free to access
  • they make it very easy to submit your own stories

When it comes to the big names in sex stories online, is up there, and checking out their huge collection of gay erotica will show you why. There are thousands of them here, many arranged by community rating, so you can find the hottest very quickly. Is A Veritable Feast of Gay Sex Stories, So Don't Delay!

  • site is free to join, and then you can submit your own stories
  • plenty of other features like sex cams and a message board
  • sites supports several different languages

Everything about the title of this site is accurate: offers you a crazy amount of all sorts of hot gay sex stories, and the category section alone goes on for page and pages. Whether you want some hardcore BDSM action, or just some chance encounters and the workplace or between neighbours, you'll find it all here. Put Thousands Of Amateur And Experienced Gay Sex Stories At Your Quivering Fingertips!

  • story tags makes it easy to find the sort of action you crave reading about
  • entire site is free to use
  • they have a lot of other great gay sex links for you to check out might look pretty dull visually, but behind the plain-looking text and white background you'll find a story site overflowing a huge collection of hot gay hook-ups and experiences. The sub-categories alone are amazing (first-time, threesomes, workplace, interracial, BDSM, etc.). Has A Sweet Collection of All Sorts of Great Gay Sex Stories!

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • additional features include videos and galleries, which can enhance your visit
  • easy to search by top rated stories, and various tags doesn't need much more explanation that those words, but it's certainly worth mentioning that it's one of the easiest site to use, as the list of stories is right on the main page, and you can just scroll down to find the one that tickles your fancy (and anything else). Offers Thousands Of Readers' Real Life Or Imaginary Gay Sex Stories Right Now

  • different sub-categories listed on the top of the page and on the side
  • entire site is free to use
  • they offer plenty of links to other great gay sex sites

If you're about to busy to read your erotica, why not have it spoken to you? If you want to hear awesomely hot gay sex described to you through your earphones, check out, where they have a great selection of story files to download and listen to at your own leisure. Is Definitely the Future of Gay Erotica

  • they offer a nice mix of free and premium stories to download and enjoy
  • you can submit your own story to maybe have read back to you
  • you can even offer to narrate the stories yourself with your golden voice

If you're looking for all sorts of gay erotica, from stories to videos, then should be a site you remember. The stories themselves are all great, since they're quick little fantasies that get right to the good stuff. And all the other parts of the site give you a lot more hot ideas in your mind when you're feeling really excited. Means All Your Gay Fantasies Can Be Fulfilled Here

  • you can upload your own stories, photos and videos
  • entire site is free to use
  • they have a great online community where you can meet other story fans

The Hottest Gay Sex Stories Online

If You've Always Fantasized About the Most Amazing Man-on-Man Experiences, then you should know that there's amazing erotica all over the internet! We here at list the best ones below!

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