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If you just love reading all sort of erotica, no matter who is getting it on and in what sort of combination then is a great place to hang out for all your bisexual fantasies. As you see the huge list, you'll know why it's always been 'the more, the merrier'. Offers A Ton of Hot and Varied Bisexual Sex Stories

  • all the stories here are free to read
  • they offer story tags so you can find exactly what turns you on

There are over four hundred thousand members on, which means all this exploring of their sexuality comes out in the form of thousands of hot bisexual stories that everyone can read. If you want to read about women with women, men with men, or mixing it up completely, they have a seemingly never-ending list. Has Hundreds of Amazing BiSexual Sex Stories For Your Amusement

  • plenty of other hot story categories to read through
  • signing for the site is free, and then you can submit your own fantasies
  • they also offer videos and a message board forum has a very simple layout, and that means you can quickly search through their huge list of bisexual erotica to find the exact story that can turn you on the most. They have plenty of multi-part stories, so you can really get hooked on reading about the characters and all their dirty adventures. Is Very Sexy, Very Hot - And Deserves Your Attention Now!

  • plenty of other hot categories to choose from
  • you can submit your own hot story very easily
  • if you want, you can join a local sex chat as well might not look very flashy, but you're here for the hot words about sexy fun times between men and women, men and men, women and women, and many other other hot combinations. Their bisexual section goes on for pages, so you'll definitely find exactly what excites you. Offers You Red Hot Bisexual Sex Stories Here!

  • the extensive tags under each story tells you exactly the sort of hot action inside
  • every story is completely free to read
  • you can comment and rate every story is a very nice looking sex story site (with rose and soft colours in its title graphic), but it won't take long for you to realize just how hot and dirty their bisexual section is. Whether it's some pool antics with some hot guys and one gal, or friends getting closer than ever on a camping trip, you'll get turned on super fast. Is An Amazing Experience in Bisexual Erotica

  • you can submit your own stories very easily here
  • plenty of other hot story categories to read
  • the whole site is free to access

While the name certainly suggests that focuses on gay erotica (and yes, you'll find a whole lot of that!), they also have add the odd woman for some fun in their bisexual story section. No matter what the mix is, you'll have a great, sexy time here. Puts Thousands Of Amateur And Experienced Bisexual Sex Stories In Front of You!

  • entire site is very to explore
  • plenty of story tags mean you can find the exact kink you're turned on by
  • lots of other great features, like a hook up forum, and a sex toy store isn't exactly the most visually exciting site out there, but they make up for it by having a huge selection of all sorts of sex stories, including a great collection of bisexual tales. They even break it up into sub-categories involving 'first time', 'interracial', 'domination', 'sci-fi', and many more. Will Certainly Meet All Of Your Amazing Bisexual Desires!

  • plenty of other features like photo galleries and videos
  • it's very easy to rate and comment on a story
  • all the stories on the site are absolutely free to read is one of the biggest free sex story sites out there, so you can be confident that even when they divide their collection into categories, they'll plenty to choose from. If you want to read hot bisexual stories, the choices are amazing, and with their rating system, it will be easy to find the absolute hottest right away. Offers Thousands Of Hot Bisexual Sex Stories Effortlessly

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • plenty of other features like live sex cams, and a great message board
  • it's very simple to submit your own stories is a nice simple sex story site that has pages upon pages of hot adventures in the bisexual category alone. And with a very simple rating system, you can quickly see which ones are the hottest, so no matter what the mix of M's and F's are, when they get together, you know you're in for a treat. Has Hundreds Of Amazing Bisexual Sex Stories For You To Enjoy!

  • plenty of other hot categories to search through
  • they even have a sex toy store you can visit
  • all the stories are free to read

With open and polyamorous relationships becoming more common, is getting more popular than ever, and they provide a great sex story section as well. And this includes thousands of bisexual stories written by their members, because they love to fantasize about every sort of sexy combination you can think of. Means Hot Bisexual Sex Stories - All The Time!

  • ratings system means you can find the hottest stories very quickly
  • all the stories are free to read
  • you can also join the community and maybe even start bi-swinging yourself

The Hottest Bisexual Sex Stories Online

If The Idea of Men and Women Getting It On in All Sorts of Combinations Excites You, then has just what you need! An amazing list of the best sex story sites for bisexuals!

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