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If you want a hot collection of sex stories right away that won't make a single dent on your wallet, then check out Right on the main page are the opening samples of all their hot tales, and you can quickly click on the ones that turn you on the most to read the whole thing. Has Great Mix of Hot, Free Sex Stories

  • you can find exactly what excites you with the tags
  • some of the stories can get extreme kinky and extreme is an old school site, but hot tales never go out of style. They have a great selection of free sex stories, but also amazing links to so many other hot sites, erotica or otherwise. It's a perfect place to begin your sexy evening. Has Hundreds of Amazing Free Sex Stories

  • easy to search for the most recent and hottest stories
  • they have cams and movies to really enhance your experience
  • it's easy to submit your sex story links might not look like the most modern sex story site out there, but looks can be deceiving. There are a ton of hot stories to go through here, and all of them are completely free to read. If you want to indulge in some fantasies, this is the place. Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read The Sex Stories Now!

  • easy to search for whatever turns you on
  • some hardcore photos can really add to the excitement
  • easy to comment on stories you love


EroticStories doesn't waste any time and quickly gives you some very hot stories absolutely for free. No matter how kinky you're fantasies are, you'll find them fulfilled here. They even have some really hot photos so you can really get your mind going over the sex you're reading about.

EroticStories Has Completely Free Hot Sex Stories Here!

  • over one hundred pages of stories
  • new stories added regularly
  • tags mean you can find exactly what turns you on has so many stories here about your favourite TV stars and cartoon characters getting dirty, that you won't believe that the stories are all free to read. The site might look fairly friendly at first, but once you start reading, you'll be amazed at how hot and nasty it can get. Goes Above And Beyond When it Comes to Free Sex Stories!

  • easy to search for exactly what turns you on
  • stories are divided into categories like comics, TV shows, and video games
  • easy to email the webmaster with any questions

When it comes to sex stories, there's just something a little bit hotter when you know what you're reading about actually happened. So it's great that at, everything actually happened, and all the sexy stories are completely free to read. Lets You Get Turned On With the The Sexist Bits of Non-Fiction!

  • several hundred stories to choose from
  • the category list on the left hand side is extensive
  • no pop-ups or banner ads


PSILoveYou doesn't charge you anything to have some very romantic fun on their blog-style website. While it focuses more on reflections on relationships and some poetry, you'll still have a very arousing time with each visit.

PSILoveYou Always Adds Very Erotic Content All The Time

  • it's easy to sign up for, and submit your own material
  • you can comment below every post
  • site is huge, with many other great sections to read through offers an incredible sex story experience and beyond, for the low, low price of free. There is a huge selection of stories here, as well as other great features like sex advice, dating profiles, and even some cams and videos for you to watch. Offers Thousands Of Readers Fantasies For You to Peruse

  • site is completely free to sign up for
  • it is very easy to submit your own stories
  • story tags makes it easy to find what you love

If you're looking for something hot and different, offers a blog-style set up with members submitting detailed accounts of their own hot sex experiences. It's a real turn on to read these posts, and it's also great that it's completely free to use. Has Hundreds Of Hot, Fresh Sex Stories For Absolutely Nothing!

  • their categories make it easy to find what you love to read
  • the unique interview story style is arousing
  • very easy to comment on the tales


Vice.Com may be known best as an alternative journalism site, but they also have some really arousing articles about modern sex, and they offer it up for free. Whether it's people talking about one night stands, or changes in the porn industry, you'll enjoy getting hot while reading them.

Vice.Com has a lot of fun with dirty topics, so head over there now!

  • stories and articles are free to read
  • they have a lot of hot photo essays to go with it
  • it's easy to comment on everything posted

The Hottest Free Sex Stories Online

If you're looking for a lot of free sex stories, then you're in luck! Hot fun await you, as has all the best free sex stories sites right here!

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