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The Top Sex Story Sites To Really Put You in The Mood

If you're looking for a wide range of really hot sex stories to read, is one of the best out there. Right from the main page you can see the samples of stories that might turn you on, and you can read the whole thing with a simple click of a button. Has An Absolute Ton of Hot and Varied Sex Stories

  • with the tags, its easy to find similar stories that has the content you love
  • stories are completely free to read

Get much more interactive with your sex stories! is an acronym that stands for 'choose your own adventure', so that means you can decides all the dirty decisions that will make the story get hotter and hotter over time. No matter what kind of fantasy you have, there's a story for it here! Is One of the Best Sex Story Sites Out There

  • easy to search for exactly what turns you on with the tags
  • they have a forum where you can meet other writers/readers
  • stories are free to read might not look like a really flashy site, but with thousands of free stories available, it doesn't need to be. Their selection is huge, and it's easy to find just the type of story that really turns you on with their search engine right at the top of the main page. Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read Their Sex Stories Now!

  • you can submit your own story if you'd like
  • all the stories are free to read
  • you can contact the webmaster if you have any questions


If you like to read the hottest sex tales from across the internet, you're in for a treat with EroticStories. On this site you'll find so many different types (vampires! Vacation! Voyeur!), that you'll never run out of them.

EroticStories Has Hundreds of Amazing Sex Stories

  • stories are completely free to read
  • hardcore photos help get you in the mood
  • tags mean you can find similar stories very fast looks like a very proper site, but don't let it fool you. The name stands for 'Television Sex Stories Archive'. There are a huge selection of sex stories involving a huge selection of pop culture characters, from TV to comics. And they are all having some very hot sex. Is A Veritable Feast of Sex Stories Just Waiting For You To Dive In!

  • all stories are free to read
  • it's easy to submit your own tales
  • the story tag describes the sort of sex involved, so you know what you're getting into

Sometimes the truth is hotter than fiction, and proves it. There is a great selection of erotica, and they are all true accounts of one-time encounters, affairs, or friendships that went to a whole other level. And they are extremely dirty and direct. Puts Hundreds of Non-Fiction Accounts At Your Quivering Fingertips!

  • all the stories are fret read
  • the archives on the left-hand side specify the story types
  • the have a list of the 'top 50 most unlikely stories'


If you're looking for something that's a bit more erotic and romantic than simply dirty, then you should definitely check out PSILoveYou. It's a massively popular site with everything from true accounts of romance and erotic poetry, and even some photography. It all adds up to a very arousing experience.

PSILoveYou Has Ongoing Updates With New Hot Posts Everyday!

  • a very modern blog-style take on erotic literature
  • completely free to read and sign up for
  • you can submit your own erotic tales and fantasies

While you can enjoy erotic literature with others, sometimes there's nothing Here you'll find plenty of stories about self-pleasure and so much else, but they also have a lot of great sex tips, a huge message board, and even some videos to accompany the stories. Offers Thousands Of Amazing Sex Stories At No Cost To You

  • tags make it easy to find the type of story that turns you on
  • you can submit your own stories
  • easy to comment on and like the stories that turn you on is a really interesting and hot sex site where it's all true life accounts of amazing encounters that happened to their readers. You can really get excited knowing that these experiences are all really, and there are so many different categories to choose from. Has Hundreds Of Hot Sex Stories To Devour For Absolutely Nothing!

  • blog-style set up is very easy to use
  • anyone can sign up and submit their own account
  • very easy to comment on all the stories


Vice.Com might not be the first place you think of when it comes to erotica, but they have a lot of fun, behind-the-scenes stories of all the amazing sex that happens across the planet. Read about hot one night stands, and the craziest things porn stars have ever done.

Vice.Com Means A Hot Mix of Erotic Accounts

  • all stories are free to read
  • they strongly support LBGT material
  • their site has a lot of other great articles and stories to read

The Hottest General Sex Stories Online

If sex stories are your thing, then you're in luck! Tempting tales await you, as has located the best general sex stories sites around!

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