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The Most Amazing Transexual Sex Story Sites Will Cause Your Jaw to Drop!


When it comes to sex story sites that have been around awhile, Nifty is the top of the list, and that means their story collection is huge. Even for transgendered stories, they break it up into a ton of different categories (mind control, surgery, sci-fi, BDSM, etc.). You'll definitely the right one to turn you on.

Nifty Has A Ton of Hot Transexual Sex Stories

  • all the stories on the site are completely free to read
  • they have a great selection of non-TG categories as well


StorySite deals exclusively with transexual sex stories, and that's not all. They also include a chat room where you can meet up and bond with other fans as well. The whole experience can be a really turn on, especially because the list of stories is huge and varied.

StorySite Has Hundreds of Hot Trans Sex Stories

  • all the stories on the site are free to read
  • site encourages author feedback, so that everyone can make the stories hotter
  • you can even take part interactive stories, and look at illustrated ones

When it comes to Transexual (or Transgendered, shortened to TG) sex stories, is a great place to start, because the site is very simple to navigate with plenty of different features, although the focus is obviously the hot stories. They make it very easy to search for what you want, and even to submit your own tales. Is Hot and Intense, So Read TG Sex Stories Now!

  • offers stories in both the PG-13 and R ratings
  • stories are completely free to read
  • they also offer related articles, quizzes and a sex store


StoriesOnline has a great selection of many different, high quality sex stories, and that definitely includes their Transexual list. Forget those one or two paragraph snippets. Here you'll always get a full narrative that goes into great detail hoe sexy it is to watch to transgendered men and women get it on, either together or with anyone else who can't help themselves.

StoriesOnline Has Super Red Hot Transexual Sex Stories Here!

  • ratings system means the hottest stories are the first ones shown
  • the blog is a great add on to see how the site operates
  • signing up is free, and gives you access to the whole site


Fictionmania might look like a sex story site that's more than twenty years old, but that's because it is! Which means there's an archive of thousands of them, all available for free. After all, a sexy story involving some transgendered people having a hot time never goes out of style.

Fictionmania Is A Palace of Transexual Erotic Stories Just Waiting For You to Discover!

  • key words make it easy to find exactly what excites you
  • you can join the message board to meet other TG story fans
  • plenty of links to other TG-related sites gets right to it with the very first story right at the top of the page, the whole thing, no clicking necessary. And below that one is the next, on and on, so you can totally enjoy every hot tale of gender-bending adventure. Offers a Great Transexual Sex Story Experience Right At Your Quivering Fingertips!

  • entire site is completely free to export
  • they also offer live webcams and message board forum
  • it's very easy to leave comments on all the stories calls itself the "online resort for the 'other' gender', and it certainly feels like a place of paradise. They have a great selection of super hot Transgender/Sissy stories, and with the tags below each one, you know exactly the hot action you'll find inside. Has Everything You Need to Have a Hot Transexual Literary Experience!

  • lots of other features, like personal ads, chat forum, and even some images
  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • they have plenty of links to other hot TG websites has been around for awhile, as the plain text and background can show. But that doesn't mean the collection of transexual stories are any less hot. They are still some awesome multi-part story collections that totally draw you in with all the hardcore action. Offers You an Incredible TG Experience

  • the entire site is free to use
  • you can meet other fans on the chat and message boards
  • plenty of links to other TG-related sites

If you'e looking for the premium level of Transexual Erotica, then is your number one spot. They have thousands of sex stories available, in addition to comics, images (real and computer generated), so you'll never run out of chances to be totally turned on. Has Thousands of Hot TG Sex Stories Available for You Perusal

  • they offer amazing parody comics of famous superheroes and toons
  • you can check out some of the amazing free previews
  • no pop-ups or ads


LVTGW may be a lot of letters, but it adds up a great resource and sex story site for the 'Las Vegas Transgender Web'. If that's the city you're in or heading to, they have a lot of info on how to have a great time there as a trans person. And on top of that, if you're feeling a bit aroused, they have a great sex story section as well!

LVTGW Means When it Comes to a Total TG Experience, It's All Here

  • the whole site is free to explore
  • they offer a lot of great real-world resource in Las Vegas for the trans community
  • plenty of links to other TG sex story sites

The Best Transexual Sex Stories Online

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