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While mainly a proper fan fiction site for all sorts of pop culture, there is also a sexy underbelly That means you can find some erotic tales involving all sorts of famous characters, from Lord of the Rings to Dexter. The only limits are your imagination. Has An Absolute Ton of Hot and Varied Fan Fiction Sex Stories

  • all the stories are completely free to read
  • stories can be broken down in to categories to you can narrow your search is one of the best-known story sites on the web, with a huge mixture of free and paid content. But what they also have a ton of is erotic fan fiction, containing sultry stories involving cartoon characters and famous wizards and vampires. Has Hundreds of Amazing Fan Fic Sex Stories

  • stories are free to read
  • it is very easy to create a profile and submit your own material
  • the rest of the content on the site is also very high quality


ArchiveOfOurOwn has an incredible collection of stories involving some of your favourite famous people and fictional characters met up and have some incredibly hot nights together. You'll never believe how many people share your fantasy.

ArchiveOfOurOwn Is Totally Free, Totally Hot - Read Fan Fiction Sex Stories Now!

  • tags make it easy to find what you're looking for
  • stories re completely free
  • very easy to comment, like stories

If you're looking for some fan fiction stories with a romance bend to them, check out Here you'll find a great selection of celebrities and famous figures from around the world, getting together in ways you never thought possible before. Has Completely Free Super Hot Sex Stories Here!

  • plenty of tags so you can find what turns you on
  • stories are completely free to read
  • other features include non-fiction and quizzes

When it comes to a huge collection of sex stories about pop culture, the Fan Fiction section of is the one to beat. Whether it's Harry Potter, Batman or The Beverly Hillbillies, you'll find all of them getting horny and more in hot story after hot story. Is A Huge Collection of Pop Culture Getting Very Dirty Just For You!

  • all the stories are free to read
  • easy to find highest rated, most-viewed stories
  • huge selection of other sex story themes and categories is a massive image and illustration forum, but they also have some amazing literature and fan fiction sections, including some that definitely take an erotic turn. Checking out this group page will definitely be the path to a lot of hot content. A huge site with some much amazing erotic potential!

  • stories are free to read
  • great forum to meet other fans
  • you can submit your own content easily

If you always wanted to read stories involving some of your favourite TV show and movie characters getting down and dirty, then is the place for you. They have a message board-style site, with a huge list of pop culture, from Buffy to Star Trek, and all x-rated. Has New and Hot Sex Story Content Added Daily!

  • very easy to become a member and submit your own stories
  • all the stories are free to read
  • plenty of other hot content to look through and read

When it comes to erotic fan fiction involving your favourite comic book characters and TV Shows (including Avengers and Game of Thrones), one thing that would make it more exciting is if you can direct the action. And with, where it's literally 'Choose Your Own Adventure', you can do this exact thing, and have your dirty fantasies come true. Offers A Massive Selection of hot pop culture-base erotica

  • stories are free to read
  • some of them come with photos and illustrations to increase the arousal
  • it is very easy to rate, comment on and review a story

Like the name says, focuses on the 'boy who lived', but now he's all grown up and is doing a lot more sexier things. Fans of the series go wild with hot fantasies, with a huge selection of erotica here. Has An Amazing Collection of Erotic Fan Fiction Starring Your Favourite Wizard!

  • over twenty thousands different mature stories
  • all stories are free to read
  • very easy to submit your own tales is the top of the line, number one erotic fan fiction site on the 'net. A simple, boring setup has tens of thousands of very hot stories starring your favourite TV, cartoon and even movie characters. No matter what fantasy you've had in your mind all these years, you'll find it here. Means A Great Selection of Fan Fic Erotica

  • all stories are completely free to read
  • no pop-ups or ads
  • very easy to sign up and submit your own content

The Best Fan Fiction Sex Stories Online

If you want to see your pop culture fantasies come to life then here are hot fan fiction sex stories! has all the best choices for your fan fiction erotica desires!

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